12/5/2019 - Buyers Review from 39741 Mule Deer Street, Newark
We're extremely pleased with our home buying experience with Rama and Kellie.  As first time homeowners all we had was a budget and basic knowledge about where we'd want our home.  You can expect the following from them: 1. Knowledge - Rama has a strong experience in the real estate business and she knows all the nitty gritty details about houses and pricing.  Although her team takes care of showing you around, they're all well informed and they keep Rama in the loop on all decision.  Kellie showed us around and we can't be more happy with the level of detail she went into with us about each house we saw.  One thing that stood out for us was that Kellie would always pre-prepare for the visit by going through most disclosures and calling out red flags early.  Houses sell fast in the Bay Area and preparing early helped us focus on the right properties.  2. Care and Honesty - Rama was very upfront and honest with us.  She made sure we would not get into a contract where we would find ourselves regretting in future.  Since, we didn't always know the right questions to ask, Rama / Kellie would do it for us and also explain each part of it.  3. Tenacity - Rama and her team were on top of things throughout.  Along with us, they would too regularly follow up with escrow, our lender and the seller to avoid any miscommunication or loss of information.  4. Approachable - Kellie and Rama were always be available for any questions or concerns we had even on odd hours.  We mainly toured houses on weekends but Kellie was also happy to schedule any adhoc visits which we really appreciate.  5. Post-Closing Experience - Although you may not interact much post closing, you can always count on Rama and Kellie to help you out on anything or they can provide you with recommendations if you plan to remodel some part of the house.  Will highly recommend Rama and her team!!

 12/4/2019 - Buyers Review from 6717 Grasshopper Ave, Newark
I had the opportunity to work with Rama and Sumana from Rama’s team.  We had a fantastic experience working with them, we started our search in 2018 when we thought of buying our first home.  We were looking to move from South Bay to San Ramon. When we got referred to Rama and Sumana by a close friend, we didn’t what to expect, what questions to ask etc.  Sumana was very patient with us, she understood our requirements and showed us many properties within San Ramon.  Rama was closely involved with our search and she made it a point to explain the pros and cons of a couple of houses we had narrowed down on before deciding to not buy in San Ramon area due to commute and other issues.  All throughout Rama and Sumana were very patient with us.  When we decided to buy a new house in Newark, they helped us verify that builder had all permits to make sure we didn’t have delays.  Sumana spent time with us even at the design Centre to help us pick options.  Overall we found Sumana and Rama to be very helpful, reliable, not pushy and overall expert in their area!  Thank you Rama and Sumana for your help!

 12/3/2019 - Sellers Review from 5106 Fioli Loop, San Ramon
We had a huge challenge in front of us: We had only two weeks to move from a 2000 sq ft condo with a garage filled with stuffs to a 1200 sq ft apartment without a garage in a retirement community and we need to sell our condo ASAP so it won’t became a financial burden to us.  I interviewed two RE agents before Rama.  Within ten minutes after I presented the challenge to Rama, I knew I had the right agent.  She knew the market, well aware of issues involved in our condo and proposed solution to solve it.  She promised to take care of all minor repair/touch-up, cleaning and staging.  She even promised to find homes for all the stuffs we left behind.  We moved out on a Monday, exactly nine days after we first spoke with Rama.  The property was on the market Friday and we got our first offer on Tuesday the following week.  I never experienced such kind of efficiency in my life.  Rama could not have done this all by herself.  She has a team of dedicated staff to back her up.  They together pulled out this “mission impossible” for us.  We appreciate from the bottom of our heart.

 11/30/2019 - Buyers Review from 3711 First Street #2, Livermore
We had an amazing experience buying our first home with the splendid help and support from Rama Mehra’s team.  They have directed us in the right path and they are on top of following up with the builder and getting all the right details on the right time.  Our entire process was smooth and way more flexible and was able to close our home on time with their help and support.

 11/12/2019 - Buyers Review from 919 Vista Pointe Drive, San Ramon
Bhamini and Rama are truly next-level!  We were utterly new to the process and quite stressed out before we engaged, but wow, we did not expect that they'd make it so easy for us!  They made the whole experience so pleasant and effortless.  We're really grateful for their continual advice, guidance  and patience in finding our dream home.  Their professionalism and the level and quality of information we received gave us immense confidence in our choices and purchase decision - thank you for bearing with us and for pulling us through!  Read More...