Helpful Tips For A First Time Home Sale

Helpful Tips For A First Time Home Sale

So you’ve come to a consensus amongst your family that it’s time for some change in your life and you want to put your home on the market.

Or you’ve finally landed your dream job in a big city or are just ready for an upgrade in your life. Either way, this is great news!

This exciting decision has been made but now comes the long list of ‘To Do’s’ before anything can be done.

We all wish this process could be as simple as sticking a big ‘For Sale’ picket sign in front of the house and just praying the right buyer walks through the door.

Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. There will be some tough decisions to be made but the end result can be a positive achievement.

Here are some helpful tips.


Know your Budget.

Having a consolidated budget to back it up will make your decision making process better. It’s no surprise that when you research different aspects of real estate, it can get extremely overwhelming.

Let us help you by making a list of the various areas you want to learn about before putting your home on the market.

A lot of sellers are not aware of what their costs are, including county taxes, potential repairs, staging, cleaning and prep before putting the home on the market.


Hire a Professional

Selling a home is not as easy as 1, 2, 3! It takes a lot more than just putting a sign in the ground. Preparation, Pricing and Marketing have to be done with precision and an end goal in mind. Laser focussed activities will result in great results for the sellers- More money in their pocket and less stress!

An experienced Real Estate professional will be your consultant for:

Preparing the home for the perfect staging to showcase your home as extremely desirable. This is executed with the help of professional stagers.

Crunch the Numbers- Sellers often make the mistake of thinking they should start the asking price high and then lower it after realizing they aren’t getting enough traction.

Pricing the Home correctly – The most critical part of a home sale is Pricing it correctly. Sellers always think that their home is better than the last sale but the appraisers don’t view it like that. Pricing is almost an art and an agent has to think like an appraiser. The price has to be desirable enough for the buyers to get enticed and not overprice it so that it doesn’t appraise! 
Overpricing it even a little bit (in the hope of “let’s see what happens”) could be hugely detrimental to the final outcome.

 Get the work done upfront - One of the most critical pieces in the process of selling is to take out the element of surprise. Don’t wait for the buyers to do their inspections and come back with a long laundry list of repairs to be done! 

Get the inspections done upfront so you have enough time to get the repairs done ahead of time. If you were a buyer, wouldn’t you want to buy a clean home with all repairs handled upfront? Think like a buyer!

If you are considering the sale of your home, give Rama Mehra team a call at 925.415.0835 or send us an email to send you our customized presentation.

We will be happy to show you our outstanding results for our sellers, how we prepare a home, how we market your home and how we generate and negotiate multiple offers!


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