I want to sell my home fast

You are thinking of selling your home and the first question that comes to your mind- Want to sell your home fast and with the least amount of pain !

Online portals tell you to sell their home with them and the constant marketing push, brainwashes sellers that its the least painful route ! Beware is the one word of caution. What seems the fastest way to sell your home could mean you leave a lot of money on the table ! Hidden fees, charges and selling to insitutional buyers could mean lesser money in your pocket rather than hiring a professional to sell your home.

With shifting markets happening in 2019, there are things you need to consider these points to sell your home fast:

  • No amount of marketing can sell an Over priced home ! This is the harsh reality of the current market. You need a professional who understands values, market conditions and most crucially- Appraisals. With some markets being marked as declining markets by banks, this could become a huge point of contention and heartache for sellers. Pricing your home correctly is critical in the process
  • Preparing your home: Home preparation is key to show your home as the jewel in the marketplace. This is not the market where anything sells ! When you are competing with other similar homes, your home needs to show clean, fresh and the house that smells fresh. Other items to consider are getting inspections done on your home and addressing the repairs. Repairs are a negotiable item in the contract but why open yourself up for another round of negotiations and more pain?
  • Knowing the buyer demographic: Once you move forward with a top real estate agent , it is critical for them to guide you on pitfalls with buyer demographic, cultural nuances and positioning your home with the buyer pool. For example, how to enhance or diminish features that culturally may be a good selling point for buyers !
  • Timing: Bringing your house on the market when the inventory is down and buyer demand picking up is critical. Don't wait for the "selling season" to list your home. If you have competition, it gives buyers more choices !
  • Hire someone Trustworthy to sell your home: Hiring a Real estate professional who can be trusted to watch your back is critical ! Don't get carried away by shiny presentations, promises of ninja marketing, market predictions and fancy graphs and charts. There are real estate agents who will offer you lower commissions to put more money in your pocket. Be very careful. Commissions are one of the biggest expense( they are negotiable) in selling your home but hiring the cheapest could cost you a lot more in your net, stress, poor communications and terrible damage control. How do you know all offers are being presented? Ask for seller references and do your due diligence

Selling your home can be a very stressful experience but that stress can be mitigated by having the right tools and the right professional to represent your unique situation. A skillful real estate professional can help you navigate the process( not every agent has the skills, so choose carefully) so you can move on to other things in life.

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