5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

Updated: Apr 14

We all have never stayed indoors this long in our whole lives! This global crisis has forced us to remain inside our homes, going out only when it's absolutely necessary. This is why many are upgrading their homes and are engaging in DIYs to make their homes more comfortable and enjoyable.

Since most of us are at it already, why not level up and make your home feel like a luxury hotel? These 5 easy tricks will surely make you or your future guests not leave the house, pandemic or no pandemic!

1. Make it smell so good.

aroma therapy in san ramon homes

The big factor that makes a normal room from a hotel room is the clean smell caused by the daily sanitation in hotels. Of course, it would be difficult to mop your room on a daily basis or wipe every surface each day but aside from making your bed every day, you can make your room smell fresh by using essential oils or lighting a scented candle.

Scented candles work both as a room freshener and also creates a good ambiance at night.

For more practical tips to make your room smell good, check this article.

2. Indulge in comfy bedsheets.

white bedsheets for rooms in san ramon

Nothing like high-quality sheets to make you feel like you are sleeping in a huge hotel suite. Your sheets don't necessarily have to be white, to each his own, but made sure you don't scrimp on those bedsheets. Since the main furniture in a bedroom is the bed, going all in with every detail can give that relaxing hotel vibe.

This article by Good Housekeeping already made a list of the best sheets in the country. Check it out.

luxurious snacks at home - san ramon

3. Stock up on celebratory snacks and wine!

Not everyone can afford to have a mini-fridge inside their bedrooms, (if you do, way to go!) but everyone can always stock up on some good snacks to indulge on during a date or movie night!

Your snack doesn't have to be fancy, just something both you and your family would love to munch on while watching a great movie or spending time talking about your day.

Are you a minimalist? This will help you decorate better: Minimalist Home Decor Fails (and How to Fix them)

4. Bring the outdoors in!

indoor plants in san ramon homes

What else can freshen up a room better than nature! Bring in some fresh indoor plants in all of your rooms. Here are some of the best indoor plants you can start off with.

Do remember to choose your indoor plants wisely! Avoid getting thorny ones if you have a baby or a toddler. If you are a fur parent, also make sure to research all the poisonous plants for pets!

Not a fan of indoor plants? Try bringing in flowers instead. They will surely beautify your room in an instant!

5. Finally, buy that deluxe bathrobe (and slippers to match!)

luxurious robes and home slippers for san ramon homes

What is a hotel room without lush bathrobes and slippers? Invest in a good one now, or two, or even three!

There's no one stopping you to make your home the ultimate fortress.

No matter what season we are in, our houses should always make us feel like kings and queens in our own castles.

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