5 Unrealistic Scenes in Home Buying "Reality" Shows

Updated: Apr 7

Have you ever watched a reality home buying show and just get inspired by the fact that buyers and sellers are having the time of their lives getting exactly what they want? Sadly, that's just something we see on TV. In real life, it's a lot different.

These are 5 situations in those shows that seem too good to be true because, in truth, they really are!

1. After three properties, the buyer has made a decision.

Reality: There is no exact number of homes in finding that perfect home. We have cases where the buyer bought the first home they saw, and some cases wherein it takes a lot of homes and a lot of time before a buyer makes a decision.

2. Sellers always get an offer during the open house.

Reality: Open houses do not guarantee that an offer will be given. Sometimes it takes more than that. What open houses do is bring in potential buyers and start conversations but sellers receiving an offer during or by the end of the open house is not a certainty.

Read it here why it's not actually a smart move to give an offer during open house.

3. Speaking of open house, when it happens, the weather is always perfect!

Reality: Unlike what is always shown on TV, the weather cannot always be perfect during the open house. Rain or shine, the show must go on!

4. The real estate agent doesn't have to do much.

Reality: Showing houses and making calls as seen on TV is just the very tip of the iceberg. Realtors do so much more than that. The paperwork, the negotiations, the staging, and other boring but very essential processes TV shows choose not to air just because they do not look as exciting as the featured ones.

5. When the offer is accepted, the property is good as sold.

Reality: An accepted offer is just the start of another long process. This includes the agreements to be made, inspections to do, doing title search, having renovations done if needed, and other matters to finish before transferring the title to the buyer.

Real estate "reality" shows have been successful in making the process seem easy and enjoyable. Our team's goal is to make sure that we do the hard work for you so that your real estate experience would still be an enjoyable process, no matter how long it will take.

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