Do NOT Do These When Moving to the Suburbs!

Updated: Apr 14

Moving from the busy city to the charming suburbs is probably most of Americans' dream, if not all. The picturesque view, the warmth of the people around the plaza, and annual festivities are just some of what the suburbs can offer.

In California alone, we have many local communities that offer the highest quality of life.

But before you make that move, make sure you don't commit these mistakes:

Looking at the house, not the neighborhood

san ramon neighborhoods

It's easy to fall in love with a wonderful house, especially if it's too good to be true! But before you make that offer, walk around the neighborhood.

Check the atmosphere of the community. If you can, hang around for a night or two to know what are the usual events on the weeknights and weekends.

Look at your hobbies and interest and see whether the community offers that same thing.

You don't want to end up having a beautiful house but miserable because the community is not just right for you.

Choosing time instead of quality

commuting in san ramon

Sometimes, home buyers choose homes because they might be nearer to their workplace. They can save a few minutes, yes, but the quality of their travel time might be compensated.

Do a little research. Are you going to work by train? What's the situation during rush hour? Is the train always on time? Are you driving to work? If so, are there available parking spaces for your car? What are the parking costs?

Don't go buying the perfect home only to find out that the commute to work is not so dreamy after all.

Not checking if your daily routine and family culture fit the community

san ramon community

If you have kids, check what are the schools available in the community. You have to know what kind of schools you want your children to grow up in. What is the usual class size of the schools? Does it fit the ideal environment you want for your children?

If both parents are working, the availability of child care centers should also be greatly considered. It would be a great dilemma if one parent would suddenly have to give up a career for the lack of child care within the community.

It's not just about the house

Having a feel of the community would be great before zooming in on the house you are eyeing. Yes, the perfect home would make your life better, but a perfect community would let you and your family live your lives to the fullest.

If you need someone to help you choose which among the beautiful communities of California is the best fit for you, we're here to help. Contact us.


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