Easy Home Upgrades to Minimize Germ Transmission

Updated: Apr 16

It is necessary that your home upgrades will not only make the house more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but they have to also help in minimizing germ transmission.

One of the trends that happened in homes during the pandemic is the sanitizing stations at the entrance of homes to prevent any germ from coming in.

As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure." These are some easy upgrades you can do to ensure that your home is beautiful, cozy, and 100% germ-free:

Home Upgrade 1: Smart Light

Have you taken note of how often you and your family touch the light switches of your home? Germs easily transfer from one person to another through this.

Upgrading to smart light will definitely keep your hands germ-free plus the bonus of being able to adjust the brightness (and even color!) of your light depending on the time of the day or your mood.

Check out this link for the best smart light bulbs in the market today.

Home Upgrade 2: Sensor Faucet and Soap Dispenser

Before you could wash your hands, you have to be able to touch the faucet and soap dispenser with your dirty hands, then after washing your hands, you have to touch the dirty faucet! Yikes!

Sensor faucets and dispensers are the solutions to the never-ending cycle of washing your hands-faucet-hands-faucet. This will also eliminate the time you will be cleaning your comfort room from water stains caused by constantly touching them.

Looking for the best touchless faucets? Check it here.

Home Upgrade 3: Patio Heaters

Hesitant to invite guests over because of what they might bring inside the house? One of the best solutions is bringing the gathering literally just outside your home. Patio heaters will definitely help in keeping you and your guests warm and comfortable while keeping germs at bay.

Before you purchase a patio heater, identify first your needs, the style that you'd like to have, and the power source that you'd commit to.

Here's a clear guide on the best space heater that would suit your patio's needs.

Living in California? Have you also joined this home decor trend?

Have you made the mistake of going to be extreme of this interior home design?

Home Upgrade 4: Smart Locks

If you're not using smart locks yet, why not? It ensures your security, gives designated passcodes to different people so you can tell you who is using the door or not, and you can lock anything that has a door!

This easy upgrade can help you track people entering your home and alert you through your phone if someone else is trying to break in. Less germ transmission is really just the icing on the cake! Ready to purchase yours? Here are some of the best smart locks out there.

What About UV Gadgets?

At the beginning of 2020, a trend about UV gadgets that claim to sanitize your items has been observed and persisted even up to now. But are these fancy gadgets really worth the hype?

Apparently, these disinfecting gadgets can cause more harm than good. Here's what the experts have to say about it.

With the presence of several vaccines that will be soon available for the public, it's still good practice to keep your home clean and germ-free. Besides, with or without the pandemic, nothing makes a house more beautiful than it being a safe and clean one.

Stay safe and start making your home free from any virus. Which of these upgrades will you purchase soon?

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