Most Sought-After Home Design Trends of 2020

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Interior design trends have changed a lot because of the pandemic. Since people are spending most of their time at home, it does not come as a surprise that many are making their dream homes come true.

Three experts on home design, Kate Rumson (The Real Houses of IG), Anne Colby (Houzz editor), and William Duff (architect from San Francsico) gave their expert opinions on these current hot trends. Grab these trending home ideas to help you visualize and kickstart that DIY home renovation you've been waiting for:

Details and mix-and-match:

Background colors, knobs, handles other small details that are not often noticed are now being given a great deal of attention by homeowners and designers. There is a shift to brass-detailed kitchens, high contrast room colors, and even mixing different materials in pieces of furniture.

Brass details

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Contrasting colors of kitchen walls and furniture

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Popping colors and textures in living rooms

living room in san ramon property

Contrasting dark and light shades

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Two-toned kitchen, light cabinet color on top and a darker shade below

two-toned kitchen in san ramon property

Outdoor projects:

The goal of homeowners now is to make their homes as comfortable as possible. Home improvements on porches, backyards, and pools have been on demand so that time right outside the house can be maximized to be spaces of leisure and rest.

Indoor pools and backyard:

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backyard in san ramon property

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Home office:

Since there is also a shift in the work environment and school set-up there is a great need for home offices to prioritized. Spaces for conducive work and school activities are idealized in the family homes and not just an afterthought anymore. Here are some ideas to cozy up your home offices.

The Minimalist Approach

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Warm and Comfy

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Sophisticated Artist

sophisticated office in san ramon property

Simple and Functional

functional office in san ramon property

Details, details, details:

The two main goals of homeowners now are to achieve functionality and aesthetics. Built-in storages are also gaining new interest from home buyers to maximize each room.

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Solid wooden doors are in demand to achieve a quiet environment necessary for online meetings and classes.

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Storages that are also aesthetically pleasing improve the home and also the well-being of those who reside in it.

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A lot has changed this 2020. Is your home up-to-date with these latest trends?

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