Our Favorite Restaurant in Danville!

Updated: Apr 20

Every once in a while, our team gathers together not just to celebrate the big stuff, but to just also unwind, and catch up on life details that are not real estate related.

Recently we had a new awesome team member Abby Stein with us so it's no question where we should give her a proper team welcome.

Piatti's is a homey restaurant is located at 100 Sycamore Valley Road Danville, CA 94526. You can call them at 925-838-2082 before going to make sure that they can accommodate you. Don't worry, the staff is very amiable and they know all of us.

How it Started

Our office was nearby this restaurant so we would go there after a team meeting for lunch! It was Rama and Sunil's idea to go there first and now we all love it!

We all have our favorite dishes that we always get, two of which are the lemon cream ravioli and shrimp pasta which we got during our recent visit. We also love their fresh baked warm bread that comes out first with olive oil, and chili pepper dip.

Our Favorites

Even during Covid, their service is great and fast. Even their outdoor dining is great! Their desserts are good too, if we're in the mood we'll all split one!

Shrimp pasta!
Shrimp pasta!

Lemon Cream Ravioli, the team's favorite!
Lemon Cream Ravioli, the team's favorite!

We are guilty. We almost always come back for this beloved dish. It also offers this delicious cocktail too if someone has a closing, gets a contract, or just needs a break!

Notice how the lemon cream ravioli is the team's fave? 😁

Contact Them

These are their open hours:

Sunday-Thursday | 11:30am - 7:30pm

Friday & Saturday | 11:30am - 8:00pm

Website: https://danville.piatti.com/

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/PiattiDanville/

If ever you drive by Danville anytime, give them a visit. It's worth it!

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