Single Men or Women? Who Owns More Homes?

Updated: Apr 20

Gone are the days when you're expected to get married before buying your own home. As more industries push for equal compensations for men and women, the buying capacity of each group has allowed them to have the opportunity to buy their own place.

According to the study made by Lending Tree, single women own 5.2 million homes in the country while single men own 3.6 million homes. This clearly means that single women own more homes than single men not just by a total number, but also in all the 50 largest metros in the country!

Biggest Percentage by Gender

The metro that has the biggest percentage of single women owners is Tampa, Florida with 16.83% or approximately 132,500, while the metro with the biggest percentage of single men owners is 12.2% or approximately 38,323. The gap is huge!

Metro with the Biggest Gender Gap

The metro with the biggest gap of single female and single male homeowners is Boston, Massachusetts with single women owning 13.54% of the 1,130,182 occupied households while single men owning only 7.68% of it. That's a 5.86% gap.

Metro with the Smallest Gender Gap

Meanwhile, the metro with the smallest gap is Las Vegas, Nevada. Single women own 12.36% of the 421,252 households, while single men own 11.91%, giving a gap of only 0.45% or 1,921 households.

There is still no clear study why single women put a higher priority in owning a home as compared to single men, but the changing times has surely given more freedom and independence to empowered woman all around the country.

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