The Most Searched House Decor in California

Updated: Apr 20

Google searches for home decors soared during the pandemic. Since everyone's stuck in their own homes, one of the most meaningful and entertaining tasks we can do is decorate our houses to make our stay more meaningful and pleasant.

How the Study was Made

Workshopedia used a list of 45 most popular decor items found in 5 major home goods stores and observed the trends over the past year for all the states and the District of Columbia. Read on the find out the results!

What Do You Think is the Most Searched House Decor?

Before jumping right into it, let's look at the recent trends during the lockdown. Plenty of houses became almost mini jungles with the variety of plants being bought by every household. Some invested their time reading books, rearranging this living space to make room for shelves. Some pursued doing their DIY projects, repainting their rooms and making their own decors. Will these trends get in the top 5?

The Most Search Home Decor in all States

So which house item won by a landslide and was coveted by 7 states? Yes, 7 states agree that this home item is a staple in styling and decorating your home. Perhaps if you see the list of states you'll have an idea. These states are Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New York, South Carolina, and Virginia. Can you take a guess? It's rugs! It's undeniable that rugs really change a room atmosphere, doesn't it?

The Most Search Home Decor in California

Not plants, not even flowers, nor shelves! California's most-searched home decor is no other than *drumroll*: vase fillers!

Vases fillers! I guess we got creative in the variety of things we can put inside vases. And we're not alone in that! 2 more states have searched the same home decor the most: Florida and North Carolina. Were you also one of those who purchased these coveted vase fillers during the lockdown? Why do you think this home decor is so popular not just in our state, but in 2 more!

Most Searched Decor Items by Number of States

Here is the list of the most searched house items that got the highest searches in more than 1 state:

  1. Rugs - 7 states (Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New York, South Carolina, and Virginia)

  2. Vase fillers - 3 states (California, Florida, and North Carolina)

  3. Stools - 3 states ( Georgia, Rhode Island, Wisconsin)

  4. Candles - 3 states (Alaska, Nebraska, Nevada)

  5. Baskets - 3 states ( Connecticut, Idaho, West Virginia)

  6. Wallpaper - 2 states (Vermont, Washington)

7. Trays - 2 states (New Hampshire, Oklahoma)

8. String Lights - 2 states (Colorado, Utah)

9. Decorative Bowls - 2 states (Arizona, Illinois)

10. Curtains - 2 states (Iowa, South Dakota)

11. Coat Racks - 2 states (Michigan, Minnesota)

12. Bar Carts - 2 states (Massachusetts, Missouri)

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