Useful Tips for Buyers Who Have to Rely on Virtual Tours

Updated: Apr 15

virtual tours san ramon homes

The changing times have taught us to become adaptable and flexible, including the changes in the real estate market.

Today, more than it has even been, the real market has relied on digital marketing and other virtual approaches, including virtual tours.

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This resulted in unexpectedly more sales in the past few months and a decrease in average time in the market for homes. If you are uncomfortable with the new rising trend in the industry, here are some benefits that you can get from virtual tours:

Benefits of Virtual Tours:

saves time virtual tours san ramon homes

1. Saves time

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, you are saving so much time when you opt to use virtual tours to view a house you are interested in (if you are a buyer) or to sell your home to others (if you are a seller). Sellers who also have other properties aside from their own homes they want to sell do not need to physically go to their property anymore. Real estate agents can now do that for them, especially because of the strict protocols that should be followed per state.

2. Cut costs

For the buyer, if the home is in a different state, no need to spend on gas to travel. For the seller, scheduling would not be an issue, and refreshments would not be necessary.

staging virtual tours san ramon homes

3. Showcases homes in pristine conditions

Since most real estate agents partner with expert videographers and photographers to shoot homes, there is a great assurance that buyers would always see the homes in their best conditions. For sellers, there would be no sudden visits and needs zero preparation time to make the home appealing to the eyes of potential buyers.

Now, what are the best ways to maximize them?

Tips to Maximize Virtual Tours

scheduling virtual tours san ramon homes

1. Schedule wisely

Choose a time when you will not be distracted by any business or by your kids. Focus on the virtual tour alone. You have to remember that the homes you view are in their best conditions so you have to be vigilant about noticing the small details that would help you make a decision. If possible, always schedule your live virtual tours during the daytime for nighttime tend to conceal a home's flaws because of the lack of light.

2. Ask for more photos

Videos are definitely great but additional photos can help you inspect every nook and cranny of each room. This can be before, during, or after the virtual tour.

3. Ask a lot of questions

Preparation pays in whatever situation, especially in buying a house! If you want a comprehensive list of questions to ask, here's a great one by You can either choose from these questions, ask them all, or even add to these questions.

real estate agent virtual tours san ramon homes

4. Ask the help of your real estate agent

Real estate agents can help you in two ways. They can watch the virtual tour with you and can discuss with you the pros and cons of the property. They can also go to the house for you and tour the place while you watch via video call. This live virtual tour can give you the feel of actually walking through the hallways while being safe in the comfort of your own home.

Virtual tours are here to stay and as buyers or sellers, you need to know how to use them wisely to still make the most out of your buck, especially with such a big investment as a house.

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