We Tried Out a Restaurant in San Ramon and It Did Not Disappoint!

The team is growing and we terribly missed the company of one another so the team decided to have lunch together.

This wonderful restaurant is located at the City Center Bishop Ranch. We were so excited to try out the Vietnamese dishes that we've been hearing about.

Finally, the team is sharing meals at one table again, after many months! The team has been very busy with the surge of listings that we've all been working on that we haven't had some down time for quite a while.

taken before dessert!

The Slanted Door, San Ramon

This lovely Vietnamese restaurant is called The Slanted Door. It offers a huge variety of fresh Vietnamese food. You have the option of eating indoors or al fresco.

The waitstaff and all the employees are wearing masks to ensure your protection from any transmission. Not only that, but they are also very accommodating to our needs and are very friendly as well. The tables are situated 6 feet apart from one another so you will not have any close contact with other customers.

The Food in Slanted Door

We've heard so much about these "cellophane noodles"! It is topped with crabs and used vermicelli noodles. The dish did not disappoint. Half of the team ordered this one because it was highly recommended.

cellophane noodles

The team definitely loves seafood, for the other half ordered this yummy caramelized wild gulf shrimp. The chili sauce blends well with all the ingredients and gives a playful flavor in your mouth!

caramelized wild gulf shrimp

Of course, we didn't forget to try out this fresh bok choy dish. It was "joyful" indeed.

joyful farm baby bok choy

As for their cocktails, we tried our this ginger limeade. It was really nice and sort of sour because of the lime. The sweetness is also just right.

ginger limeade

We finished off this wonderful experience with this lovely strawberry crumble pie. Just looking at it will definitely make your mouth water, and another home run for us!

Overall Experience in Slanted Door, San Ramon

We definitely would recommend Slanted Door. We had such a great experience and the staff are friendly and the food is superb! This is surely a place that you should try!

Make your reservation today! https://www.slanteddoor.com/san-ramon

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