What is the Rama Mehra Advantage?

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Listen to each of the team members and understand why the team is one of the best real estate teams in San Ramon, California. It's hard to find a team that is very strategic yet honest and works for the best interest of their client.


"The Rama Mara advantage really in my eyes is the absolute honesty that I

bring to the table. I have actually built my reputation in the valley for the last

15 years based on absolute honesty and providing very trustworthy services and

this is where my team comes in because they share the same values."


"We want to be as straightforward in our communication. Be honest. We are known for our integrity, our discipline."


"We're extremely communicative. We're always on our phones. We respond to you early in the morning or late at night. We're incredibly dedicated to help you accomplish your



"Honesty, trustworthiness, transparency: we all hold the same values

and I think that's why it's so important to me to work on Rama's team."


"The Rama Mara Team actually breaks down this intimidating process of either

buying or selling into bite-sized pieces and actionable items that eventually

lead to a successful outcome. There's not only just strategy but there's a lot of personal engagement with the client on one to one basis. If you don't understand your client, you cannot deliver."


"The more we educate them and tell, explain to them what the process is, they come out comfortable knowing who they're gonna work with, what to expect in the future, and be comfortable with the decision."


"We realize it's probably the largest financial decision you're ever gonna

make in your life and we try to make that as easy for you as possible."


"If a property is not right for you, we are one of the very few people who are

gonna tell you don't buy it. We are not here to just sign a contract for you and

make a deal we want you to make the right investment."


"So we are there to hold your hand, guide you and you know, strategize with you come up with solutions to problems and ultimately get you into your dream home."


"Having local expertise is so critical..."


"You need to work with someone who knows your neighborhood, who has sold homes in your neighborhood, who's a brand, who's a well-known brand in your neighborhood."


"The other advantage which a buyer or a seller has working with our team is our

respect in the real estate fraternity. All the agents are well-connected. They know us well. We have never failed on any transaction and they love to do business with us because we make it a streamlined build process with them.


"Having those relationships with the local agents, established relationships, along with the local market knowledge that's an amazing combination. That's just a combination for success. For the last 15 years, I've been working in the industry of the Tri-Valley, I had

never considered myself a salesperson. My job is that of a facilitator, a mediator, an advisor, and an honest trustworthy person. That's how I work and that's how I operate."


"Our clients are not just clients. They are like part of our family. Their investment is like our investment so we watch it very closely. So if I'm not gonna make a wrong investment I won't let my clients do that."


"I came here 18 years ago from India and I'm living the American dream and I hope I'm helping my buyers achieve that as well when I hand that key over."


"I think the lifetime relationship that we build is something so valuable to us

and to our buyers."


"We're not in it for the quick sale, we're in it for the long run."



And peace of mind.

The Rama Mara Advantage for life's biggest investment.

The Rama Mara team is your trusted Tri-Valley realtor.

Let the Rama Mara Advantage to work for you.

Contact us here.

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