What to Do Before An Appraisal

Updated: Apr 14

Appraisal San Ramon Real Estate Team

If you're planning to sell your house, you must be ready for the appraiser's visit! You must remember that first impressions last, especially when it comes to selling your house. You'd want the appraiser to see the value of your home the way you do!

So how do you prepare for the appraisal? Aside from repainting your house, which is highly encouraged, here are some very helpful tips for you:

Start early!

Early Appraisal for San Ramon Homebuyers

Having an appraisal early on means fixing any problems before you move forward with the selling process.

Waiting at the last minute wouldn't do you any good because you may not solve the defects that the appraiser sees in your house.

Fix the front and backyard

curb appeal in san ramon properties

According to this study, a beautiful front yard increases the value of your home by 7%! There are many simple ways to do this.

MULCH! Adding fresh mulch to your lawn helps retain moisture and also protects the soil from extreme sunlight or from freezing. It is not only healthy for the soil, for it also adds aesthetics to your lawn and it is quite cheap.

Flowers are timeless gems. If you'd like to invest in giving your lawn a vibrant look, here are the best flowers for curb appeal.

Of course, there's the traditional mowing and pruning. Make sure all the shrubs on your lawn are well-kept, with no dried leaves nor rotting parts. Give your plants a good sprinkling hours before the appraisal as well to have that sparkling welcome.

Zoom in on EVERYTHING!

Create a checklist of the following:

door fixtures in san ramon area
  • Doors - Is any of the doors in any room faulty? Replace them. If you can't afford new doors, try replacing just the hinges.

  • Windows - If you see any broken or squeaky window, fix them right away. Make sure that each window can be opened and locked properly.

  • Switches - Have a run-through of all the switches around the house and make sure that each one works perfectly.

  • Doorknobs - Do not just check if they look pretty and shiny, check if the locks work too!

  • Hooks - Such a tiny, tiny detail scattered around the house but something that could also make your house look sloppy if not taken care of.

  • Curtain and shower rods - If they're rusty or broken, have them changed!

  • Faucets, sinks and tubs - Allow no leaks to happen in the kitchen and the bathrooms.

  • Lights - Working lights are not enough, they must brighten up the room and highlight the great areas of the room.

Create a list of your neighborhood's gems

coffee shop in the community of san ramon

Do not always assume that the appraiser has done their research. Take note of what's great around your neighborhood and boast of that.

If there's a great coffee shop nearby, tell the appraiser about it. Include details like the schools around the community and even areas for rest and recreation.

Make sure your real estate agent is there!

No matter how detailed you might get, you need an expert eye to help you convince the appraiser of the value you want for your home. The real estate expert will bring data that will support your price. See your agent as someone who will always have your back with every transaction. If you'd like to know more of our agents, check it here.

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