Moving? These are the Things You Need to Do

Updated: Apr 14

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The only great thing about moving is that you'll move in to your new upgraded house. But to move out? Let's say that just spells out S-T-R-E-S-S. If you're moving out soon, make sure you know these things to make it a more bearable and even enjoyable experience.

Choose Your Moving Date Carefully

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The perfect time to move does not exist. There are always pros and cons to whatever season you may choose to move, so choose the lesser evil for you. However, here are some guidelines.

According to this article, the best time to move is always early in the morning since the demand for moving trucks is low and the best days would be from Monday to Thursday.

As per season, here are the pros and cons:

  • Fall

Pro: great weather

Con: high demand

  • Winter

Pro: cheapest, has the lowest demand

Con: terrible weather, not ideal with kids

  • Spring

Pro: lighter demand

Con: weather is not perfect but more bearable than winter

  • Summer

Pro: for sellers because of higher demand; perfect for families with children since there's no school

Con: for buyers because of higher demand

Plan How You Pack

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Moving out means putting everything you own in boxes and make sure that everything fits. Right? Wrong! You need to plan your packing so that you won't leave anything of value to you. You can either pack by room, or by importance. Or separate all fragile objects and put them all in one box. Having a plan makes moving out and moving in very smooth. Make sure to also properly label all your boxes so you wouldn't have a hard time looking for your things once you're inside your new home.

Here's a checklist of other things to consider before you move in.


research suppliers in san ramon

Evaluate the stuff that you will move out, the manpower available and the amount that you are willing to spend before choosing a moving company. There are 3 categories to consider:

  1. Specialized - They have the training to apply proper techniques when moving specialized items.

  2. Full-service - They will do everything from packing, to moving out, moving in and unpacking.

  3. Self-service - They will just basically put your things inside and outside the moving truck.

Once you've identified what kind of moving company is the best fit for you, ask companies with that category for quotes and compare which fits your budget, or where you can have greater savings.

Don't Forget to Ask for Help

Moving doesn't have to be stressful. You can always ask for help from family and friends who can lend a hand, a larger vehicle, or recommend moving companies that they've hired. It would also help to ask your trust realtor for recommendations. Remember, upgrading to a new home should always be celebratory and memorable, even with the huge task of moving in.

Moving might be tiring for many, and our team offers assistance in this, as in all processes included in buying or selling a home. If you want your moving to be a breeze, call us now.


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