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Buyers from 2054 Poinsettia Street, San Ramon, CA

Jul 19, 2020

We fell in love with San Ramon and were looking for a realtor to buy a house. We came across Rama on the internet, liked her video, so called her up for a casual interview. Even on the phone, we could feel that she was a very honest and trustworthy person, and moreover we were impressed by her broad and deep knowledge in the area. Then, Covid-19 hit, and we were worried about many factors including shelter-in-place, market conditions, and etc. However, she was very patient, answered and addressed all our concerns, listened to us and tried to find the right house for us. With her vast resource and network – this is why you want to work with a realtor like Rama who has a deep root in the bay area with years of experience – she found a house for us even before coming to the market and presented it to us. At first sight, we knew this is the house we were looking for, and she carefully navigated the process and struck a deal for us. Afterward, her team took care of all the processes, even with all restrictions of shelter-in-place, and the rest of the process was so smooth. We were truly lucky to find her and work with her to buy our house. If you are looking to buy a house in the east bay, just call her up. You will be impressed by her professionalism immediately, and find the home that you want because she will keep trying until she finds the right one for you, even in such unexpected circumstances like shelter-in-place.