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Buyers from 21 Stow Ct, San Ramon

Oct 28, 2020

When I started my home search process I was looking for a trustworthy and reliable agent to help me in the home buying process. Specially the ones who would give me honest feedback and opinion at each step and make the process easy for us. I browsed through Zillow and stumbled upon Rama Mehra and her team with highly rated reviews. I reached out via Zillow and got a call within 15 mins of my inquiry. Impressive!! The call was from Kellie and what a journey it has been with her. Kellie came across as the most patient person who would never push us to put offers and understood our needs perfectly. We would visit multiple houses with her and many times ended up not liking any but she was never tired of taking us to tour next set of houses. We would shortlist the houses we like and she would provide her feedback on them which would help us in elimination process upfront. Her appointment with sellers agent were always up to date, never late for showings and took complete safety measures during covid. Kellie lived this entire process with us and was sad when we didn’t get accepted for the houses we really loved. She shared our emotions :-).. Anytime we were putting offer Rama always guided us on the offer amount but never pushed us to bid higher than the house deserved because she understood the fact that market is going crazy in covid. We would always put an amount we were comfortable with. Even after close Kellie is in contact touch with us for final handover, handyman contacts, fixes or anything that we need for the next few months. It’s a relationship built for life. We would definitely recommend Kellie and her team to everyone who is in the market to buy and sell!! Thanks Rama and Kellie...